Hannah Dordick is founder of Rediscover & Recover and creator of Sober Space, the first app designed to help women build a sober lifestyle and connect with like-minded peers.

As a sobriety expert and mental health advocate, Hannah has transformed her life experiences with substance abuse into a multifaceted and dynamic business that helps women build a new sober life. There is no “normal” path for recovery and in the process of getting sober she created her own. She knows firsthand that breaking addiction requires professional help and therapy, but that giving up drugs or alcohol is just the first step of a sobriety journey.

“Women face unique challenges in building a substance-free future and need the tools to create an exciting and fulfilling life,” Hannah says. “Living a sober life can be nearly impossible if all of your friends and activities still revolve around your old lifestyle.” Real change requires exploring new activities and meeting new people, which can be very difficult as an adult. These factors led Hannah to create Sober Space. The app is designed for women and those who identify as women, to build a life and connections with themselves as well as others.

Hannah speaks from the heart and without fluff about the realities of getting sober and designing a new life, no matter what someone’s individual sobriety journey looks like. She is also an advocate for harm reduction for those with addiction. She lives to empower women recovering from drug addiction to find the joy and freedom in their recovery, learn to love themselves inside and out, and discover the confidence they have within.